Faauuga is the first Pacific Islander candidate for School Board, representing a severely neglected community impacted by high poverty rates, increased incarceration, and low college readiness. His campaign focuses on key issues that not only impact Pacific Islanders but all our students -- the opportunity gap. During his time as a San Francisco educator, youth advocate, and father of public school children, Faauuga identified key community concerns that must be addressed to close the opportunity gap. The first is supporting the well-being of our students, families, and educators through mental health services. The second is creating a community approach to schools that promotes collaboration between SFUSD, the City and County of San Francisco, and the communities surrounding our schools. Lastly, Faauuga wants to support our educators through the provision of competitive salaries, affordable housing, and retirement packages.

Prioritizing Mental Health

Faauuga is dedicated to the well-being of all students, teachers, and families. If elected to the school board, he will work to establish school wellness centers staffed by social workers, nurses, therapists, and health workers. Creating district-wide wellness policies and curriculum will ensure that mental health is de-stigmatized in our district starting in Early Childhood Education and continuing throughout K-12. Faauuga believes in caring for the whole student as well as ensuring our educators and staff receive the wellness support they need to provide for our children.

Creating Community-Based Schools

Faauuga is an advocate of a community-based approach to schools. This approach increase student achievement, family engagement, and collaboration between the SFUSD, surrounding community, and City and County of San Francisco. He values the input of students, parents, and educators in the decision-making process. A community-based approach allows students and families to feel connected to their school and transforms them into committed partners on campus. When family engagement is prioritized, and our educators have a seat at the table, teachers also feel supported by the entire school community.

Supporting Our Educators

Faauuga stands with our educators and will fight to ensure they are the highest paid in the country. Through collaboration with City and County of San Francisco, he will push for a living package that supports the daily needs of our educators such as transportation, water and electric, food, child care, and rental assistance. Endorsed by the United Educators of San Francisco, Faauuga has already proven himself an ally to the teachers union and will support educators during contract negotiations He is committed to fully funding our public schools and creating affordable housing pathways for our educators.